Success Stories

We optimized a site in the self-storage industry with a level 10 optimization plan. This business was able to track 277 new clients that signed up on the new pages we added to the site. According to our client, each new client they obtained had an annualized value of $1,200. They received $322,400 in annualized revenue for an advertising cost of $22,000.


An executive recruiter was about to sign an annual agreement to start a PPC campaign on Google. We were able to provide them with a Level 3 service plan instead of the PPC plan they were contemplating. Four days after uploading the optimization, our client received a phone call after being found on the front page of Yahoo for a keyword phrase we had optimize them for. They closed the sale over the phone and our client received a $90,000 check the next day to place two executive positions. The same client upgraded twice and has now sold his business for mid seven figures. He called us and thanked us, ‘if it weren’t for you guys, none of this would’ve been possible; You’ve changed my life!’


We performed a Level 5 optimization for a mortgage company recruiting branch offices to expand the reach into 14 states. Approximately 30 days after launching the optimization the recruiting director contacted us and begged us to remove the phone number from the recruiting site we optimized as well as the contact us page. They simply couldn’t handle all the inquiries via telephone and had to manage them via email only. We helped them grow from 50 branches to over 450 branches in just over three years